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Nobody in Incognito case will come out clean2014-Dec-29

Nobody in Incognito case will come out clean


After a maelstrom of maneuvering agendas involving the Dolphins, Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin for the last week, there was calm in South Florida on Friday.


It was, however, very likely a calm before more storms, because this mess is far from over, with more damning information and allegations certain to be revealed in the coming days and weeks.


One day after Martin's attorney, David Cornwell, dropped a 217 word bombshell statement on national television Thursday night alleging a "malicious physical attack'' on Martin by a teammate, along with some vile sexual threats toward his sister from a teammate there was no answer from Incognito, whose camp has remained quiet.


The Dolphins players were off on Friday.


Meanwhile, the NFL has begun its independent investigation on the matter, having hired Ted Wells, a senior partner in a New York law firm with experience in sports cases, to head up the investigation on possible misconduct in the Dolphins workplace. According to reports, Wells is scheduled to meet with Martin late next week in California.


With all parties involved lawyering up at a faster rate than characters in a Dick Wolf television series, the closest thing you might find to anyone benefiting from this mess are the attorneys being hired.


You also can make an argument for the two players who will replace Incognito and Martin on the Dolphins' starting offensive line Nate Garner for Incognito and Tyson Clabo for Martin as beneficiaries.


Other than that, no winners will emerge from this. Only losers.


This is not going to end well for anyone involved.


Incognito, whose reputation spotty before this unfolded has been nuked, is far too toxic for any team to chance bringing him into its locker room, possibly leaving his NFL career.


Martin, based on the rampant support of Incognito in the Miami locker room, will never be welcomed back by the Dolphins players and will have to find another team if he wants to play again perhaps a soft landing in Indianapolis with his former Stanford quarterback, Andrew Luck, or in San Francisco with his former college coach, Jim Harbaugh.


Dolphins coach Joe Philbin, who has been the subject of reports he and his staff instructed Incognito to "toughen up'' Martin, has to be a goner if that is found to be true.


Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland, who is alleged by a report to have told Martin's agent to instruct his client to fight with Incognito and "punch'' him, has to be removed from his duties if that is proven to be true.


That could leave Dolphins owner Stephen Ross with little option but to napalm his entire program and start over.


In the short term, the Dolphins players, who are coming off their best win of the season with their victory over the Bengals last week, have a chance to inject themselves into the thick of the playoff picture by getting to 5 4 with a win over the 0 8 Buccaneers Monday night.


The question is whether the week's distractions will prove to be too much for them to handle and break them, or whether this will bond the team.


One NFL source familiar with the Dolphins predicted this unrest might actually benefit the team by drawing the players closer in an us against world way.


"If I had to bet on it, this may galvanize this team,'' the source told The Post. "It may bring guys closer together. There are so many factors that are trying to tear the team apart, with those guys trying to keep their focus the best they can and this might make them stronger.''


former Football Player: When Richie Incognito says a racial slur to another teammate he should be kicked off the team and banned from the league. For they knew that Incognito was terrorizing him and they did nothing but stand on the sidelines. I feel ashamed to even watch them as professional football team. Furthermore for anyone to say that they do not know what is happening all they need to do is hear his rant on TMZ and hear the voicemail. That is all the evidence that anyone would need. There is no excuse for this, it is a crime for anyone to excuse his actions in anyway. Those who are trying to excuse Incognito's actions they were a part of terrorizing Martin


This story is not about PED's or drug usage, its not a story period. The culture of an NFL locker room isn't 24 hr TV such as Big Brother. It is a private fraternity and the media is open to certain privileges which they have once again over stepped. Who really cares about the sports journalists opinions in this matter? This isn't remotely close to the issue of one teams players intentionally seeking to injure another teams players for monetary rewards. This isn't an issue of endangering players careers or lives through idiotic hazing. This is one player being incredibly mentally soft and a locker room that Corey Linsley Jersey is invested in toughening him up, his ultimate behavior proves the verdict of his lack of mental toughness. He participated in the locker room for almost 2 seasons and then suddenly decides Corey Linsley Womens Jersey that he wants to blow the entire franchise up. The bottom line here is http://www.packersnflofficial.com/Nike-Ha-Ha-Clintondix-Jersey.html a player with an ulterior motive seeking his day of fame in his own mind. He sis seeking money and some form of pseudo intellectual pleasure in damaging the Dolphins entire franchise. He is seeking assistance from the PC police and crying wolf on many different levels including the ever present race card. The end game will be seeing this Dolphin team rally around its own locker room and winning games.


The coaching staff and the GM will not have to be fired regardless of what happened here, this is not the depth of the money for injury bounty issue. This is a locker room in house issue and in the end both players are screwed but nothing will happen to the franchise as the owner has full control and autonomy in his hiring practices, the league even with their penchant for control over marketing etc. will not force an owner to nuke his program. The bet here is that Incognito stands a much better chance of finding a job then does Martin. No locker room is going to open their arms up to Martin who has committed the mortal sin of "what happens in the locker room stays in the locker room" Fans and the media have no basic rights to overseeing or determining what is appropriate in an NFL locker room. The entire story is a sad tabloid commentary not ready for any level of real news or journalism. Sophomoric behavior is hardly earth shattering news, and as usual this has been well over hyped and blown up to unreasonable proportions.


The NFL and the management of the Dolphins will do anything to cover this story up. The league is at an all time high in popularity ( much of it due to gambling, fantasy leagues, etc.), and yet, it is slowly and systematically killing itself. The thugs in the league, the greed of the owners, the concussion settlement ( Richard Rodgers Jersey which was not commensurate with what the players should have gotten), the drunken fans who begin their partying at 8 AM, then get into fights, drive drunk after games and kill innocent people. All these factors will ultimately bring the league down. More and more, the league grows and so do the horror stories associated with it. I am a fan but finding it more difficult to find pleasure in watching games that take 3.5 4 hours, commercials laden programming with a few plays around the ads. It has become unwatchable and unlikeable. I predict the NFL will cease to exist in 20 years. Hmmm, why was he starting? This kind of stuff goes way beyond "what happens in the locker room stays in the locker room". BTW, Martin didn't raise the "race card" Incognito did. Martin's raising these matters seems to you to amount to his beinga "dirty snitch". Martin has rights as to what happens in the locker room as do employees in any other work environment. He first went to management but got no help. Consistently demeaning, harassing, or bullying someone is not acceptable anywhere even in 'the boys room'. I am willing to bet that Martin gets employed and Incognito does not. I also suspect that the coach and perhaps the GM get canned. And, if so, it will not be a bow to 'political correctness' but in deference to what is right. Any company and industry in the US has certain laws it must adhere to, including having a code of conduct, grievance process, and the right to work in a place Richard Rodgers Green Jersey free of harassment. MY bet is Icognito is finished. The NFL has suffered a packersnflofficial.com/Nike-Davante-Adams-Jersey.html black eye with its poor handling ofconcussions and paidout a relatively small sum of 3/4 billiondollarsover a period of time. Employers have an obligation to provide a safe work environment. Granted the game itself is violent. The industry tho, in its day to day operations, has a duty to provide a reasonable level of safety and respect. The racist remarks made by Icognito will not be forgotten by management regardless of what players think/feel. This story will be fascinating to watch but I think the league, the team and player in the lockerroom will try to cover up the whole thing. Icognito sexually abused a volunteer at a Dolphin charity the team did nothing Icognito appears to have violated the civil rights of a black player0 the team did nothing until it became public. He's finished. I think Martin is finished too because players immature mentality will not allow him back. The lockerrom as much as people would like to belive it to be private and a sanctuary is art of the workplace; it is NOT the private place or it will not be the private place players once enjoyed.

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Jim Harbaugh Joins Williams Sisters2014-Dec-29

Jim Harbaugh Joins Williams Sisters


The 53 and 1/3 yards separating John and Jim Harbaugh on Sunday as they stand on opposite sidelines at Super Bowl XLVII will seem like an endless emerald expanse compared to the line of tape that divided them in a shared bedroom in Ann Arbor, Mich. during their youth.


Born just 15 months apart, the sons of Jack and Jackie Harbaugh have competed throughout their lives and will take their sibling rivalry to the grandest stage in football: The Super Bowl. Or, better yet, Jim's 49ers and John's Ravens will be competing in the HarBowl.


"I don't know if we had a dream this big. We had a few dreams, we had a few fights. You know, we had a few arguments, just like all brothers," John told reporters after the Ravens clinched a berth in the Super Bowl. "We'll try to stay out of that business. We'll let the two teams duke it out as much as possible."


The eldest brother at age 50, John rose through the coaching ranks during a long career on the NFL sidelines. By contrast, Jim, 49, started in the NFL as a head coach and reached the Super Bowl in just his second season in San Francisco. After a 14 year playing career, the fiery younger brother leads the favored team into the Superdome.


Whatever the sibling rivalry simmers beneath the surface will likely be reinvigorated when one hoists the Lombardi Trophy at the expense of the other. Even so, the Harbaughs are hardly the only notable sibling rivals in sports.


From the Williams sisters to the DiMaggio brothers, here are some of the other notable sibling rivalries in sports:


Eli and Peyton ManningWhen talking about both quarterbacks, it's common for the word "elite" to be thrown into the conversation. Peyton has won one Super Bowl while appearing in 12 Pro Bowls. His younger brother Eli has two Super Bowls under his belt. Peyton is also the fastest QB ever to record 50,000 passing yards in the NFL.


Joe, Vince and Dominic DiMaggioWhile Joe DiMaggio was the only one to become Davante Adams Womens Jersey a Hall of Fame legend, the three DiMaggio boys were all professional packersnflofficial.com/Nike-Corey-Linsley-Jersey.html baseball players. Dom DiMaggio played 11 seasons with the Boston Red Sox and was an All Star seven times. Vince DiMaggio's longest stint was with the Pittsburgh Pirates and was a two time All Star.


John and Patrick McEnroeWhile Patrick is an accomplished tennis professional, older brother John is a tennis legend. John has 77 career singles titles to his name and was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 1999. Open crowns during his career and three Wimbledon titles. Patrick has only won one title during his time on the court.


Joel and Henrik LundqvistIdentical twins Joel and Henrik have both spent time playing hockey in the Swedish Elite League, but while Joel spent just three seasons in the NHL with the Dallas Stars, Henrik became the franchise face of the New York Rangers. The Vezina winning goaltender is considered one of the best in the league and earned a spot on the Swedish national team, taking home the gold in 2006.


Venus and Serena WilliamsSerena has won 47 singles titles, while older sister Venus holds 44 singles titles to her name. Both have faced each other in Grand Slam tournaments, eight of which have occurred in the finals. The pair has fared well together in doubles matches also, taking home three gold medals for their performances in numerous Summer Olympics.


Sterling and Shannon SharpeBrothers Sterling and Shannon Sharpe were marquee players in the nineties. Sterling set a few NFL records while collecting five Pro Bowl nominations with the Green Bay Packers. Shannon was an eight time Pro Bowler who was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2011 and racked up three Super Bowl championships. Sterling never made it to a Super Bowl, and retired early due to a neck injury.


Jose and Ozzie CansecoJose Canseco was one of the biggest power hitters in the late 80s and early 90s, finishing his career just a few homers shy of hitting the 500 milestone. Among his accomplishments were a Rookie of the Year award, an AL MVP, six All Star selections, four Silver Slugger awards and two World Series championships. Ozzie couldn't come close. The slugger's identical twin played Ha Ha Clinton-Dix Youth Jersey just 24 games within three years.


Tiki and Ronde BarberIdentical twins Ronde and Tiki Barber have carved out successful careers on opposites sides of the ball in the NFL. Ronde, a cornerback who was drafted by Tampa Bay in 1997, has played for 16 seasons and earned five Pro Bowl nominations, as well as a packersnflofficial.com/Nike-Richard-Rodgers-Jersey.html Super Bowl championship. Tiki played 10 seasons with the Giants and earned three Pro Bowl nods.


Pau and Marc GasolOlder brother Pau Gasol holds the more impressive resume of the pair, including two NBA championships, four All Star appearances, and a Rookie of the Year award. Marc, who is currently in his fifth season, has just one All Star nomination. Both have won two Olympic silver medals with the men's Spanish team.


Rex and Rob RyanRex and Rob are both known for their work as defensive coordinators in the NFL and also for being the sons of former defensive specialist Buddy Ryan. In 2009, Rex became the head coach of the New York Jets while Rob bounced from Cleveland to Dallas. Rex is currently feeling the heat after a terrible year in New York, and Rob is seeking a new team after a lackluster season.


Yadier, Jose and Bengie MolinaAll three Molina brothers spent time behind the plate. Bengie was a two time Gold Glove award winner and won a championship in 2002. Jose has two World Series rings from 2002 and 2009. Yadier is a five time Gold Glove winner and has won two championships with the St. Louis Cardinals.


Phil and Tony EspositoTony and Phil Ha Ha Clinton-Dix Jersey Esposito are both Hall of Fame hockey players who spent their entire NHL careers with only Original Six teams. Phil etched himself into the record books as a prominent goalscorer for the New York Rangers and the Boston Bruins. Tony is considered one of the pioneer butterfly goaltenders, and spent 15 years with the Chicago Blackhawks. They never had the opportunity to play each another in the Stanley Cup playoffs.


Ken and Frank ShamrockWhile actually considered adopted brothers, Ken and Frank grew up alongside one another as troubled kids with an adoptive father who took them under his wing. The brothers became two of MMA's most legendary fighters, but continued to struggle with a relationship outside of the octagon.


Eric and Marc StaalWith four Staal brothers signed to NHL contracts, Rangers defenseman Marc Staal and Hurricanes forward Eric Staal are the two that most frequently face off against one another. In 2011, a hit from Eric sent Marc off the ice for the remainder of the season. Marc suffered a concussion from his big brother, and missed half of the next season as he recovered from it.


Pedro and Ramon MartinezPedro and Ramon were both pitchers in the MLB, but Ramon would always chase the success of his younger brother. Though Ramon pitched a no hitter in 1995 and earned an All Star selection in 1990, Pedro became one of the most dominating pitchers in the league. Pedro collected three Cy Young Awards, a Triple Crown in 1999, eight All Star nominations, and a 2004 World Series championship.


Jason and Jeremy GiambiJason Giambi had a longer career than his younger brother, but the rivalry peaked during 2003 when Jeremy joined the AL East to play for the Boston Red Sox. Jason, who had the stronger bat, spent 20 seasons in the MLB including a seven year stint with the New York Yankees. Both shared the same roster in 2000 and 2001 for the Oakland A's.


Scott and Rob NiedermayerAfter 12 seasons playing against each other as rivals, hard hitting defenseman Scott Niedermayer left the New Jersey Devils after 13 seasons to join his younger brother in Anaheim. Both won the Stanley Cup together Davante Adams Jersey with the Ducks in 2007, but Rob struggles to leave a legacy like the one left by his older brother in 2011.


Leon and Michael SpinksYounger brother Michael had a successful 31 1 record and took home a gold medal in the 1976 Montreal Olympics. Leon won 26 of his 46 professional fights and also took home a gold medal in the Olympics, but unlike his younger brother, Leon could boast that he was one of only a few boxers to successfully defeat Muhammad Ali.

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Detroit Lions not disappointed 'vacuum cleaner' 2014-Dec-29

Detroit Lions not disappointed 'vacuum cleaner' Dashon Goldson suspended for Sunday's game


ALLEN PARK The Tampa Bay Buccaneers hoped the addition of Dashon Goldson would bring more physicality to its secondary, but the safety's hard http://www.packersnflofficial.com/Nike-Clay-Matthews-Jersey.html hitting style has consistently gotten him in trouble this season.


Goldson has been flagged five times for unnecessary roughness, drew a league record $100,000 fine, and has been suspended for Sunday's contest with the Detroit Lions after a helmet to helmet hit on Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White.


"He's Randall Cobb Womens Jersey a key player on this team," Tampa Bay cornerback Darrelle Revis said. "He brings a lot of leadership. To see him not play and be suspended, it sucks. We have to deal with the situation and we have to move forward and play without him."


Goldson was considered the top safety on the free agent market this offseason and the Bucs committed $41 million ($22 Randall Cobb Green Jersey million guaranteed) over the next five years to secure his services.


The Lions certainly aren't disappointed Goldson will miss the contest.


In a pair of meetings with Detroit the past two seasons, both while with the San Francisco 49ers, he tallied eight tackles and an interception.


"He's, we call them a vacuum cleaner," Lions coach Jim Schwartz said. "He's a guy that makes a lot of tackles all over the field that covers up guys' mistakes in front of him. He's a physical player. He was having an outstanding year. He missed a couple of games Eddie Lacy Kids Jersey when he was hurt, but he's a difference Eddie Lacy Youth Jersey maker when he's on the field."


In place of Goldson, the Bucs will start packersnflofficial.com/Nike-Tramon-Williams-Jersey.html Keith Tandy, a 2012 sixth round draft pick out of West Virginia. He's appeared in 19 games, starting two.


While it should represent a significant drop off in talent and experience, Tandy did record nine tackles and an interception in two starts filling in for an injured Goldson this season.

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New York tribe launching radio ad against Redskins2014-Dec-29

New York tribe launching radio ad against Redskins


The Oneida Indian Nation said the first ad will run on radio stations in Washington before the team hosts the Philadelphia Eagles in its season opener Monday night. In the ad, Oneida Nation Representative Ray Halbritter says NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell should ''stand up to bigotry'' by denouncing ''the racial slur'' in the team's name.


''We do not deserve to be called redskins,'' the Oneida leader says in the ad. ''We deserve cheap nfl jerseys to be treated as what we are Americans.''


The wholesale nfl jerseys radio ad said Goodell had rightly been critical this summer after an Eagles wide receiver was caught on video making a racial slur against African Americans.


The ads launch as the Washington Redskins this year face a fresh barrage of criticism over their nickname, with local leaders and pundits calling for a name change. In May, 10 members of Congress sent letters to Redskins owner Dan Snyder cheap jerseys and Goodell urging the team to change the name.


Snyder has vowed to never change the name.


League spokesman Brian McCarthy, in an email to The Associated Press, said they ''respect that reasonable people may have differing views.''


The Oneidas have been vocal opponents of the Redskins nickname be it for NFL cheap nfl jerseys or high school teams. The tribe, which runs a casino and resort in central New York, this year gave $10,000 toward new jerseys to an area high school that changed its wholesale jerseys nickname from the Redskins to the Hawkeyes.


The Oneida said the first ad will run Sunday and Monday on several stations in Washington. Subsequent ads will run in Washington during home games and in the cities hosting the team when it is away. A spokesman for the Oneidas would not say how much the campaign would cost beyond ''multiple thousands.''


''We believe that with the help of our fellow professional football fans, we can get the NFL to realize the error of its ways and make a very simple change,'' Halbritter said in a prepared statement.

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Why you shouldn't believe the rumors2014-Dec-29

Why you shouldn't believe the rumors


The Dallas Aaron Rodgers Jersey Cowboys have gone into the "Let's hire former Tampa Bay Buccaneers assistant coaches" business lately, causing many to wonder if hiring Jon Gruden as their new head coach can be far behind.


The LA A.J. Hawk Womens Jersey Times blogged www.packersnflofficial.com/Nike-John-Kuhn-Jersey.html about it. ESPN brought it up. And that got the message boards flaring.


In the last couple of weeks, the Cowboys hired defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin, defensive line coach Rod Marinelli and special teams coach Rich Bisaccia, all of whom were assistants under Gruden when he coached the Buccaneers from 2002 to 2008.


But before Jason Garrett gets nervous, here's what Dallas A.J. Hawk Kids Jersey Morning News columnist Rick packersnflofficial.com/Nike-Clay-Matthews-Jersey.html Gosselin said from the Super Bowl this Aaron Rodgers Green Jersey morning.


"Those hirings this month were about adding quality coaches to the staff not about setting the table for the next head coach," wrote Gosselin. For Gruden to come back, "I'd be surprised. I think Jon Gruden is comfortable in television. The longer they stay on that side of the fence, the tougher it is to come back. Of the three, I'd say Gruden has the best chance to come back. But that doesn't solve Jerry (Jones's) problem. Gruden is not a personnel wizard."

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tough being an Oilers fan these days2014-Dec-29

tough being an Oilers fan these days


get ready to play and win your next game, that all you can do. If we look at it and go well, we out of the playoffs. Well, then what? Just pack up our Wholesale Basketball Jerseys stuff and leave? You got to dig your heels in. only are the losses a concern for the Oilers; the team has 54 goals against, more than any other team in the National Hockey League.


our five on five play a concern to me? Our goals against? It is a great concern to me, said head coach Dallas Eakins. message to our team over the last, probably, week is that I see our group so excited to score goals, like boy, they love to score. But we need a group that is equally encouraged and excited to stop goals. it not just the club that feeling the pain of the losing season, so too are the fans. And they not quiet about it either, just ask Eakins.


walking my daughter to school yesterday and I got one kid yelling at everybody that the head coach of the Edmonton Oilers and my five year old daughter gets really excited because that my daddy. And then I got another kid yelling suck! says he gets it, it all part of the job.


okay with the firing. I not okay with our record. I okay with the passion of the fans and the fire, he said. has their opinion and they entitled to it. along with those opinions come suggestions sometimes, too.


was at the dentist 10 days ago, sitting there and an older guy had some ideas for what Yakupov should be doing. And I always listen, he said. think it important to always be looking at everything. I take in what the guy tells me at the gas station sometimes Cheap Jerseys and go jeez, I never thought about that. what are those suggestions? Global News hit the streets Friday to see what Oilers fans would say to Eakins if they had the opportunity.


let them play a little bit of hockey without too much stress right now. Make it not too hard, not too much of a science. Let go, let get it out of their system, Andrew Fulcher suggested. think the Oilers have it; they got a really good bunch of guys on the team and they come together. But I think they just a little tight right now. I would do if I was in the same situation is, I think you got the right ingredients. I think he got the right players. What I think is lacking, is them coming together cohesively, said Ashif Mawji. can play around and mix things up and try different things Wholesale Baseball Jerseys and think out of the box and something will happen. these two have suggestions, a number of Wholesale Hats fans say Eakins is doing a good job, and Edmontonians need to have a bit more patience with him.


a new coach, it a new system, it going to Wholesale Snapbacks Hats take some time. The players need to kind of figure out how it works for them and how they fit in with that system. It come together it just going to take time, said Lawrence Chow.


like Dallas Eakins. I think the guy needs a lot more opportunity to carry out his mandate. He brilliant and he a clever guy, he Wholesale NBA Jerseys knows the game and we have to be a little bit more patient with him. He needs the opportunity to make the adjustments that are necessary, and he working at it. I think we got to just back off, added Del Sveinsson.

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